DUST & DESSERT es una publicacion independiente de WHITE WALLS STUDIO, un colectivo de diseño formado por Jenifer Mehigan y Luca Battles. En sus propias palabras:

   "DUST & DESSERT Magazine is an arrhythmic and sporadically released series of books on soft thoughts and colossal magnificences that have been put together by the two of us. Every page is generated with affection and careful consideration of the interaction between what is read and what is seen. Each submission has been hand picked and all contributors are treated with respect and we will continue to keep in touch with everyone long after the collection retires, as there will be only 8 issues produced, and then a final display of our gems from each issue.
After a period of time away from each other at the beginning of 2010, we returned to Sydney and revisited our desire to publish a book, choosing to focus on compiling a volume of work arranged using the colour spectrum (the ethereal wordplay is a convenient byproduct),
with themes that have been chosen because they all relate to each other through these colours, which will become evident at the end of  the series" 


Efectivamente, el libro en el que participo es el "Yellow; empty spaces & how we fill them / deserts / loss & suffering".
En fin, que estoy encantada, porque estas dos chicas de verdad que hacen un trabajo sublime, y para mi es un grandísimo honor haber podido participar en su proyecto.

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