down in a hole_alice in chains

Down in a hole,

feeling so small

Down in a hole,

losing my soulI'd like to fly,

But my wings have been so denied

Bury me softly in this womb(Oh I want to be inside of you)

I give this part of me for you(Oh I want to be inside of you)

Sand rains down and here I sit

Holding rare flowers (Oh I want to be inside of you)

In her tomb

Oh I want to be inside...

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mifuriaparanoica | 12 de marzo de 2008, 19:08

down in a hole

son las canciones que se repiten en mi mp3 en esos dias de toda mujer en que se está tan histerica e inestable(o con nube negra encima del cráneo como is my caso)